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To most people who seek a family lawyer, there is no more important legal battle than the one that involves the custody of the children. Passion rises and bad decisions are possible, unless you have a qualified and experienced child custody attorney by your side.

The Law Offices of Kirsten Irey Iverson, PLLC has been serving parents in the Detroit, MI area with the detailed and compassionate representation that they deserve for years. As a child custody attorney, she will be right by your side as you go through the legal processes that determine your future relationship with your children.

Much of determining the outcome of a child custody case is based on reliable information about the parenting skills of the adults involved. This often includes obtaining verifiable testimony concerning what the best interests of the children are. Kirsten Irey Iverson specializes in child custody cases, proving her trustworthiness not only to the client, but to the children as well.

Kirsten Irey Iverson works with you to consider all details, including practical matters such as travel time and financial issues, as well as emotional elements. Iverson will also help determine the type of custody situation. Joint custody means that both parents share equally in the parenting while sole custody means that one parent provides the bulk of the care for the child or children. Iverson is knowledgeable in Michigan's child custody laws, which ensures all bases are covered.

When you need a compassionate and competent child custody attorney in Detroit, MI, you need The Law Offices of Kirsten Irey Iverson, PLLC. Get in touch with her today.

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